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Istanbul Workshops blends traditional Turkish experiences with modern comforts in the heart of vibrant Istanbul.

Explore the highlights in our Istanbul workshops, where we offer a welcoming atmosphere for guests to immerse in the city's unique ambiance, connect with the local community, and create unforgettable, authentic experiences beyond typical tourism.


Turkish Coffee Making &
Fortune Telling Workshop

Discover the art of Turkish coffee making and fortune telling in our engaging workshop. Learn to cook rich Turkish coffee under expert guidance, and delve into the tradition of reading coffee grounds.


Mosaic Lamp Workshop

Experience the creation of a beautiful Turkish mosaic lamp under the guidance of expert artisans in a hands-on workshop. Learn about the craft and enjoy Turkish delicacies as you craft your lamp.


Stained Glass Painting Workshop

Step into the world of Stained Glass Painting in a hands-on workshop. Dive into the local community, learn from skilled artists, create a beautiful piece, and taste Turkish snacks.

Heritage and Innovation

Traditional Turkish Welcoming, Upgraded with Today's Tech

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“Attended an amazing coffee workshop! Learned so much and enjoyed every moment. Big thanks to our instructor Aziz for making it an enriching experience. Highly recommend!”

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